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Darrell Edgley

The main areas of my site are:
Photo album
My online photo album, includes pictures of Jo and I getting married, holidays, parties and more.
Solar Roof
In February 2006 we moved to North Carolina. We care about the environment and our impact on it, so we are trying to save energy and resources. As part of this, we put Solar Panels and Thermal Collectors on our roof.
New England
In June 2001 Jo and I emigrated from the UK to Connecticut (one of the six States of New England) in the United States of America. We will put information here about our move, including a new web site.
Before Jo and I moved to the USA, we lived in Sandwich Kent. Take a look at the web site of

  Most recent
Generally pictures now listed on Facebook, link to me to see them
February 2007
Ski Telluride
August 2006
March 2003
Ski Utah, USA
February 2003
Booze Crew in Boston, USA
Blizzard, 1.5 feet of snow on one day
June 2002
UK holiday
including Tim & Trish's Wedding,
walking in the Yorkshire Dales
and Cheshire

February 2002
Skiing, Mont Tremblant

December 2001
Sandwich Informatics Party,
Cheshire, Bristol and New York

October 2001
Kathryn & Stephan, Paris
September 2001
Trip to Long Island
August 2001
New Home, Connecticut USA
June 2001
Andy and Ellen
April 2001
Worthing Hockey
Blackpool Hockey
January 2001
RI Xmas Party
December 2000
RI Curry
PMD Party
Harrogate Party
RI Xmas Party
October 2000
Helicopter flight
Zether and Nick's wedding
September 2000
Andy and Casey's wedding
August 2000
Kate's Birthday
Andy's Stag
Michelle and Roger's wedding
May 2000
Hockey Club end of season dinner
Los and Marion's wedding
March 2000
Walking the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Feb/March 2000
Cricket tour of Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore

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